Monday, January 2, 2012

FreshLook Colorblends Green

Sorry I have not posted a review of sorts for some time now. I have not had a chance to take pics or post what I wanted too...That and when I've gotten off of work I just had other stuff I wanted to do while I had the opportunity to do so. I haven't really been wearing/trying any new lenses as of lately. There are a few circle lenses I am debating from as well as a few commercial lenses I haven't worn in awhile I am debating repurchasing. As of recent weeks past however I have been rewearing some lenses I've purchased after going a long time without wearing them. Mainly I've been wearing them to make room for newer lenses I intend on purchasing. One of those lenses is FreshLook Colorblends Green. I'll spare you from word vomit momentarily and show you the pictures.

Lens Shot (fyi this is a promotional picture from Ciba Vision I DO NOT own the rights too)


Close Ups:



"Full Face":



(Please excuse the quality of the pics as I'm just figuring out how  to take detailed shot's without flash with it.)

They are comfortable. Not because of their fit as my eyes naturally have an 8.3 base curve. More so because my eyes are used to this brand o_O?? I digress. I think they look okay. As far as green lenses go I still don't truly care for them (Adore Bi Tone Yellow being the exception because that lens is FLAWLESS!!!). I also like the natural, slight enlargement the limbal ring gives me. That being said I do think the blending in person is nice. I really wish they would change the name of this lens though. Yes the base color is green. However the beige/yellow starburst and charcoal limbal ring even on the darkest eyes creates a more hazel effect. Ultimatly these come down to a few pros and cons for me..

Easily attainable (FreshLook is EVERYWHERE afterall)
Comfortable once worn enough (After about a week unnoticable)
Natural (The blending in my experience is good in person)
Limbal Ring (It sit's outside my iris but is opaque enough to enlarge my eyes slightly, giving them a more noticable appearence)

Easily attainable (Who hasn't purchased these at one point? I believe most people have owned this lens)
Standard/Median fit (While an 8,6 base curve is average many lens wearers would benefit from another size)
Blending (While they blend nicely, I think a more muted deeper green starburst would be better/more green)
Limbal Ring Color (While the limbal ring is nice, I think a slightly more jewel toned but natural limbal ring would create a more noticable, natural result)

Overall I feel this is a safe lens. Cheap. Comfortable. Easily Attainable. Neutral enough tone/shade to work with multiple ethnicities/features.

I would recommend this lens for someone who want's a natural hazel/green shade, and is looking for an inexpensive option. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who want's a natural, but vibrant and completly green lens. Hope this review helps!

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