Thursday, May 30, 2013

WHOA!!! Where has the time gone??

Hello out there blog readers! LOL (I say that as though there are thousands of you following me :/) I'm so sorry for the lack of updates :( I have been responding to comments as they have come. Haven't had a chance to actually write up a full review and post up pictures lately...(By lately I mean almost a year) Part of the reasoning is, I haven't really been wearing any new lenses as of late. The other reason is I can't find my camera cord....LOL Yes as random as that sounds I can't find it! I've been doing some renovations to my house over the last year, and during that time frame I seem to have misplaced it...I probably would have gotten a new cord sooner, however I rarely used my camera to begin with :/ Aside from taking pics for my blog I generally use my iPhone to take actual pics when I want/need to...LOL....I have gotten a few new pairs of lenses recently that I've been wanting to review, but until I can find the cord I won't bother writing up reviews anytime soon. (What's the point of a review w/out pics right?! LOL)....That being said while I'll continue to answer your guys' questions I won't have any new reviews anytime soon...(Unless someone knows of a way to post pictures on blogger via an iPhone 4s or iOS 6 aside from emailing them to myself and saving and uploading). Hope all is well in the universe...and remember....THE DOCTOR ALWAYS LIES (LOL Sorry, felt an urge to put that in there)