Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well I had been bored recently.

I stripped all of the black dye off of the top of my hair but left my eyebrows colored black.
I am temporarily bored with the black. I know I will go back to either Jet or Blue Black come weeks end. Tht being said I've decided to have some fun and play around with my hair color for the time being.

Lord knows my hair get's chemically processed enough so I am NOT using permenant hair coloring. The method I have been using is applying temporary hair color to my stripeed hair.
The color it achieved was my natural auburn shade. Recently red has been the color I've played with.

I started with just the recommended tint. Good saturation of the hair. Proper timing. Washing thuroughly and conditioning after. The result was noticable. A good red. Light and noticable.

The pop was lacking though. Realising I will go brown around Friday before going back to black I opted for another application tonight.

Shockingly it came out a very nice fire engine type of red. POP is the effect this color has! Looking at it I am shocked I like it this much. Probably because knowing me it won't stay this shade for long. Eventully my natural tendency to change my color will kick in. I'll wash this repeatedly until all of the color is gone, dry and then apply a different temp.

The shade is great for now. I got quite a few compliments on the tint applied to my natural color before. Alot of people also asked me how I obtained the color result I did. They look pleasently surprised when I explain it's simply a temp/rinse of color.

I will try to put a pic up on here at some point of it.

For now I will be retiring. I have to leave for work in 5 hours and need at least 4 of sleep to function.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We've been having a surge of decent weather where I live lately. Not sunshine and daisys but sunshine, chills and MELTING snow! (I suppose if you don't live where snow is a witner staple it's not a problem. But for some of us who do it is).

Well I've gone the route of tanning again recently. I am one of those people who prefers the healthy look of tanned skin. It makes you look more youthful, healthy, and put together. I am preparing to hop in a tanning bed soon. but I've opted for airbrushing until then. It get's to expensive to keep it up like I do so I won't lie. I maintain it at home with a self tanner.

There are plenty of ones on the market. When keeping it up at home I prefer to use the following. L'Oreal Paris Dermo Expertise Sublime Bronze aerosal self tanner. I grb the streak free medium shade when I get it. It supposedly coems in light and dark as well..I've personally yet to see it. I have olive/tan skin naturally with a slight golden undertone. This particular shade works well with my natual coloring once developed. It also works well when applied over a uv tan or a natural tan in the summer.

Occassionally I will use a lotion. This is generally when I don't have time to go to an actual tanning salon and need a good base. I prefer to have some sort of a base tan before applying an aerosal tan whether at home or not. I use Banana Boat Summer Color Sunless Tanner Tinted Lotion in Light/Medium. I occasionally use Deep/Dark but usually only after having an actual UV or Natural tan. It's a good base over my natural color. It also helps create a more natural effect with the aerosal tan while adding a good depth. I personally turn a nice bronze color with this, but I know some individuals who are naturally fairskinned who can occasionally turn slightly orange from using it.

For upkeep I use Jergans Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer for medium skintones. This is a daily moisturizer that also contains a tint that gradually applies a tan to the user. I like this as a daily moisturizer for my skin period. In the summer and winter my skin can get particularly dry so I need a good moisturizer. I also have sensitive skin prone to breakouts and this does a good job of not clogging my pores. If you use it daily with a self tannner or UV/Natural Tan as a good, effective way up maintaining the color you've achieved. It can also be used year round on it's own as a good way to create and maintain a natural glow/tan to the skin. I use this year round regardless.

Just basically it. I finished applying my layer of aerosal to keep up my spray tan's I've been having applied lately. Well I'm getting tired and bored so this is it. Feel free to leave any thought or comments regarding this. Or any you use!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Full Of Thoughts And Confusion

Well it's 10:03 pm and I'm bored. My mind has been running ragged lately. I feel as though I have so many things to discuss but not enough time to discuss them with anyone. As spring nears I am filled with a sense of WOW. I look so forward to it.

I know it probably seems crazy but I look forward to it. Change of wardrobe. Healthy weather. Getting out of the house again! It's so dreaful looking at the winter atmosphere. I don't mind the snow. But I will not be sad to see it go.

I will be getting my eating routine in even tighter gear. Went down a size in tops and pants and want to keep losing. Basically trying to get ready for summer. Have to step out for my birthday.

I'll have plenty more to come soon. Stay tuned. As I said I'm confused and full of thoughts as of now.

Look forward to getting them out on here!

Keep safe and stay fresh! Gregg...