Monday, March 10, 2008

Full Of Thoughts And Confusion

Well it's 10:03 pm and I'm bored. My mind has been running ragged lately. I feel as though I have so many things to discuss but not enough time to discuss them with anyone. As spring nears I am filled with a sense of WOW. I look so forward to it.

I know it probably seems crazy but I look forward to it. Change of wardrobe. Healthy weather. Getting out of the house again! It's so dreaful looking at the winter atmosphere. I don't mind the snow. But I will not be sad to see it go.

I will be getting my eating routine in even tighter gear. Went down a size in tops and pants and want to keep losing. Basically trying to get ready for summer. Have to step out for my birthday.

I'll have plenty more to come soon. Stay tuned. As I said I'm confused and full of thoughts as of now.

Look forward to getting them out on here!

Keep safe and stay fresh! Gregg...

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