Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well I had been bored recently.

I stripped all of the black dye off of the top of my hair but left my eyebrows colored black.
I am temporarily bored with the black. I know I will go back to either Jet or Blue Black come weeks end. Tht being said I've decided to have some fun and play around with my hair color for the time being.

Lord knows my hair get's chemically processed enough so I am NOT using permenant hair coloring. The method I have been using is applying temporary hair color to my stripeed hair.
The color it achieved was my natural auburn shade. Recently red has been the color I've played with.

I started with just the recommended tint. Good saturation of the hair. Proper timing. Washing thuroughly and conditioning after. The result was noticable. A good red. Light and noticable.

The pop was lacking though. Realising I will go brown around Friday before going back to black I opted for another application tonight.

Shockingly it came out a very nice fire engine type of red. POP is the effect this color has! Looking at it I am shocked I like it this much. Probably because knowing me it won't stay this shade for long. Eventully my natural tendency to change my color will kick in. I'll wash this repeatedly until all of the color is gone, dry and then apply a different temp.

The shade is great for now. I got quite a few compliments on the tint applied to my natural color before. Alot of people also asked me how I obtained the color result I did. They look pleasently surprised when I explain it's simply a temp/rinse of color.

I will try to put a pic up on here at some point of it.

For now I will be retiring. I have to leave for work in 5 hours and need at least 4 of sleep to function.


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