Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Any recommendations??

Hey there, hope everyone is having a wonderful evening. Been crazy busy and while I've been checking up on a few blogs here and there I haven't posted anything in a long time. Part of which is simply because I haven't been wearing nay new lenses as of late. That aside I have been really into my Kindle Fire lately..I know most folks seem to be reading on their Nooks or iPads but since I have neither I do use my Kindle. I love the portability of my ereader as well as it's web related functionality as well. It's small but not so small I feel I would break it like my old e-reader, light weight and easy for me to transport. Also great for the commute to and from work. I have been itching for some new reads lately? Simply wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Any good reads others have been enjoying out there? Have a great one out there!