Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Blonde Ambition

Damn... I miss being blonde...

I don't know. It's something about that color!

I've been everything from bleach blonde, to godlen blonde, to honey and ash too.

I generally went to a different color after though. I can't help but think I had a greater confidence in myself with that color of hair on myself.

Even through breakage ond over processing I loved the result, damaged or not..

I am at a turnstill. I really want to go back to blonde...And I just dyed my hair blue black again.....

What to do...What to do...

I may wait until May to work my way back. Rid the dye. Get it chocolate brown. Work my way to golden brown..Than BLONDE again! I want to be blonde soo bad...But my hair has suffered sooo much damage.. I have spots of my hair that are so thin now from over processign and breakage. I mean I have hair on my crown JUST now coming back in as of these last few months from a real bad bleach breakage....And it;s not as thick as it was before. And yet I still want blonde.

In retrospect I guess it's fortunate I'm a male. After all I could just shave it all off if it were to get so damaged it would stop growing back in patches.

But then I'd have to get ridiculousy thin and tan.... Tan does sound hot..

Tan and Blonde... Well maybe dark golden blonde to be safe...

I will most likely still wrap my mind around it as I get closer.

Here's to hoping I can tempt myself into achieving it in a way not so damaging next time!

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