Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I think I need to join a gym....

I just dread the thought of going by myself.

I wanan go for myself. But hten there's the comfort level. I will know noone there. I will have noone to communicate with. On one hand it could be good for me.

I could go and concentrate on what I need to. I can get my workout(s) in. Get my goals accomplished. I would be able to work hard at getting my body in better shape (and getting myself healthier overall) with little to no distraction.

But despite my somewhat outgoing personality I still feel akward when in public settings where many or all people around me are those whom I don't know. I get even more self concious (Sp?) than I normally am. I start to critique myself and pick out everything possibly wrong with myself that I think others would and dwell on it... (I know there is probably an issue there).

It's not just the familiarity. I also feel uncomfortable around a room full of people in fit or beyond fit shape. It makes me feel akward and uncomfortable. I'm one who's normally confident in my own skin but feel self concious to the point of being akward and nervous when I feel I stick out in a bad way.

I really should do it. I feel as though I am getting my life on a healthier track but I should also be adding some sort of excercise routine to my diet and meal plans to step it up and achieve even better results.

I suppose I should try and talk one of my friends into going with me. Hell I'd even pay so I don't feel akward and like an outcast.

Pretty random and boring blog I know! But I doubt it will get much review anyways.

I will be sure to update with any decision I end up making.


Anonymous said...

What for?
You look great anyway. Handsome, good looking mhmm and those eyes...

Miko said...

heyy i just stumbled on your blog from lensaholics and i think your lenses are great btw.

but on the other hand i totally agree with you on the gym thing. i felt the same way but once your in there and doing your own thing youll be fine! people are too wrapped up in their own stuff and kinda zone out so ull be fine :]
also you can try a smaller gym in your area, and i know some of the busiest times are around 6-8ish so to avoid the traffic maybe going around afternoon/morningish? but it also depends on the location but just a tip that i noticed ^^

~ Miko

Richard said...

Perhaps having a physical trainer, whom you could form a lasting personal relationship with, could help you out. It costs more money than a regular gym membership, but it helps more for putting you on the right track, especially if you're anxious about working out.

Anonymous said...

You could use also some diet pills like hot-rox

::s o u l e v e r :: said...

I'd go to the gym with you. :) Honestly, I feel very much the same way you do, like a stranger in someone else's domain, when it comes to going to a gym. Especially where I live, where it's all celebrities and models .. ugh. But still though, it's nothing but beneficial to join up, and the best thing you can do is force yourself to go despite all reservations and self-consciousness. It'll only become more natural, and as you see results, it gets easier and easier to ignore everyone else in the room.

But you're right, having a friend or workout buddy makes a huge difference. I wish you the best of luck! :)