Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just an update

HEllo bloggers and followers/future followers. Just thought I'd do a random update. I will be hosting my first blog contest next month! So keep an eye out! I will also be reviewing some lenses that I probably don't give their due. Stay tuned for those as well. I also plan on adding some videos of certain lenses onto my blog, which I look forward to despite not having the best camera for video. They do come out pretty decent if I do say so myself! If anyone has a particular lens they are interested in seeing reviewed feel free to ask! I have quite a few lenses and wouldn't have a problem with reviewing them to the best of my abilities! Any suggestions for future blogs, lens related or not feel free to contact me!


Anonymous said...

i was wondering where u got the vassen 4-color lenses that jen wore in her "dolly eye look" video. did u get them from prettyandcute?

Gregg said...

I received them from