Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hey there, long time no blog :/. Sorry for the long hiatus. Over the past year I've had some changes go in in my life, including a career change among them. I have been unable to blog due to sometime as a result of them. That and quite frankly I haven't really been wearing or trying nay new lenses. Well some months back I came across a brand called Desio.

 Desio is a cosmetic lens made it Italy, that is not only aimed at changing the wearers eye color, but also a brand that markets their lenses towards both Women and Men. The lenses appear to be opaque printing with the blending of a semi opaque lens. I will be honest, I am a bit on the fence about these. I have stumbled across pics on their Instagram page and took a look at their site to see what they offered.

The company does offer the lenses in a wide range of corrective powers from Plano (+/- 0.00) to +5.00/-17.00. (Side note any lens from +5.00 to -6.00 is available in .35 increments at the regular price, while lenses stronger than -6.00 are available in .50 increments, although appearing to be at the same price range).

The color range is as follows:

Innocent White,Smokey Grey & Icy Blue (Grey/Blue tones)
Creamy Beige, Desert Dream, and Caramel Dream (Brown tones)
Mint Touch & Forest Green (Green tones)

The shade I ordered was Icy Blue
 photo DesioIcyBlue.jpg
(Stock photo from manufacturer website)

The lens itself appears to be available in some countries around the world at optical shops, as well as stand alone shops. At this point and time they can be ordered directly from the manufacturer (Qualimed) through their website .

I am interested in trying them out an doing a review on them once I receive them. So for the mean time stay tuned :) And happy belated New Years! LOL

**Disclaimer** I am not associated with Qualimed, Desio, DesioLens,com . I have not been paid or compensated for this review/post. Nor am I being provided with the aforementioned lenses. I have purchased them with my own money and any opinions associated with them upon receiving and reviewing them are mine and mine alone.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back! I wear their Caramel Brown lenses and absolutely love them. I wore Adore bi tones in Honey before but these are more noticeable and vivid in color. I hope you like yours!

Anonymous said...

How did you find these? Where tey natural looking? Do you have a picture? Im considering trying them out and you seem to be the guy who knows!

Ryno said...

I found fine & clear caribbean because of your blog, ordered and cannot wait to receive it. They look (in pics) the most approximate to natural touch baby blue and i'm so thrilled as i've been looking for a good replacement for years. Even Paris Hilton no longer has the Natural Touch and her new blue lenses look too dull and dark IMO.
I read a review saying the rainbow complete lenses arent comfortable? But i suppose this depends on your own eye contour. Some people loved Natural Touch confort wise, i could only use them for photos they were so uncomfy it felt like i could scratch my eyes out if i had to wear it for more than 10 mins at a time. I really hope this will not be the case with the caribbean lenses.

Ryno said...

Also i ordered and got the desio innovent white - the most popular shade judging by all the makeup artists in instagram and also helped by jeffree star as he constantly wears these but i found them to be ok, not amazing on my dark brown eyes. What i can vouch for is that they are the most comfortable co tact lenses i have ever ever ever worn and for that, the price is worth it. Regrettably i lost one of the lenses after a party and trying to take it out while in a car. Pity as i liked how they photographed. I'd be chrious to know if the light blue shades in desio gives a good blue on brown eyes as the perfect blue lens is my obsession.

Ryno said...

Also try a company called Bella lenses made popular by Kim Kardashian who was paid for wearing these. They are comfy on first wear (i have not tried them for more than 10 minutes yet, am still to break them in on a night out) but the service of the company was astounding - i received them from kuwait in south africa 5 days after ordering. The lenses are beautifully printed (its a different design from fesio but both brands are obviously quality when you look at the iris design) and it looks amazing in pictures. I learnt about these from a drag queen called Arabia Felix.

Gregg said...

As for how I found them, I came across the brand on a contact lens forum. As far as pictures, I tossed them not long after receiving them. The color was nice but one lens just didn't sit right on my eyes. They give off great color but not the best lens I've personally worn. I am waiting on a new pair as judging from what I've seen on youtube and instagram their pattern seems to have gotten better...although how many of those reviews were sponsered and how the quality of the lens is in person, we'll see.