Monday, October 11, 2010

EOS Adult Series J-203

I recently ordered a pair of EOS Adult Series J-203 in Grey. They are the new current pattern.In case some weren't aware the origional Adult lens pattern was discontinued. I am unsure why myself but can't help but think the inconsistancies of opacity in some batches and off references to colors of the lenses may play some part. While my Green Adult Lenses are no more I opted not ot order my origional shades. Their origional Green was a very seafoam aqua blue shade. Their new Green is well Green. Their Brown does look appealing but I still have a perfectly good rarely worn pair in the old pattern which I do like better tone wise. I opted for the Grey. Not only does the color look great, the new pattern does as well. I will post a review and pics as soon as the lenses arrive. They have shipped so now it's simply a matter of waiting. I do apologize but the site I ordered from didn't have any stock advertisement pics so I won't be posting any of those at this time.

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